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Series: V Series USB Charger
Sealing: IP64 for front panel components when USB Ports are covered
24 / 12 Volts DC
LED indicator:
Green when charging is in progress
USB Type:
Number of USB Ports: 2
Operating Voltage: 12V/24V DC power systems (9 to 29 VDC)
Output Voltage: 5.0 VDC +/- 5%
Max Output Current: 3.15A DC Total
Current Draw (No Load):  12V: 1.5 mA, 24V: 3.5 mA
Compatibility: Charges mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod, HTC, Galaxy, Blackberry, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras and PDA’s
Green LED brightens when charging is in progress.
Life: 10,000 operating cycles per port minimum
Terminals: Copper/silver plating 1/4” (6.3 mm) Quick Connect terminations
Reverse Polarity: Operational with correct polarity after reverse polarity exposure Short Circuit and Overload Operation will cease if internal temperature reaches 125°C. Charging will resume aftersufficient heat loss
ESD: 15kV air, 8kV touch per ISO10605 for Operational

Panel Opening: 1.450” x .830”
Panel Thickness: .030-.156 inches
Panel Mounting Method: Front Panel Insertion
Seals: Silicone and Poron
Depth behind Panel: See data sheets
Connection: VC1-01, VC2-01
Weight: 55g
Styling: Curved USB port doors
Port Protection: Twin, self-closing doors
Operating Temperature: -40’C to + 60’C
Country of Origin: Mexico

RoHS Compliant: Yes


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